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Bring your children joy and comfort with the best bunk beds ever!

Trying to keep up with the times and as much as possible to meet the wishes and needs of consumers, every year furniture manufacturers update their product range, improving both the technical characteristics of the furniture and its appearance. Bunk beds for youth are not exception to this rule.

Today, in Los Angeles furniture stores, you can come across a huge selection of bunk beds for kids, varying in price, quality, material, structure, design, functions, configuration, and other crucial characteristics.

How to choose the bunk bed that really meets your tastes and needs? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

The main features of bunk beds

Saving space and money

One of the key features of the bunk beds is the minimum floor space required by the bunk bed. Thanks to the bunk beds, it is possible to more evenly distribute the living space, partially easing the load on the floor and moving it to the upper space of the bedroom.

So, you can considerably save free floor space. The latter is especially crucial when it comes to furnishing small, cramped bedrooms, as well as bedrooms with a great number of residents. Besides bedrooms, bunk beds are also common in children’s rooms with a lot of kids.

In children’s rooms, the bunk bed is usually placed in the sleep area, increasing free floor space and, therefore making other areas of the children’s room – play area, study area, and so forth – more spacious.

Choosing a bunk bed is a good way not only to save some free space, but also to save a significant amount of your money, since one bunk bed costs cheaper than two traditional beds, anyway.

Improving interior design

Choosing a bunk bed is a great way not only to save some free space in your home, but also to make your home interior look better. You can easily and quickly make your bunk bed the center of attention of your guests by choosing a bunk bed of an unusual color, contrasting with other components of the interior design of your room.

Also, choosing a bunk bed decorated in lighter shades than the background of the interior of the room is another possible option. For a children’s room, it’s worth choosing a bunk bed, decorated in bright welcoming colors such as green, yellow, blue, blue, and white.


Do not think that the bunk bed can be used exclusively for sleep. Traditional bunk beds with two sleeping places are really used primarily for sleeping two people.

Today, however, furniture manufacturers offer you a wide range of modern bunk beds of various configurations, many of which have only one sleeping place on the “second floor”.

In this case, you can purchase a bunk bed even for one child, if, for example, his children’s room is a small one. Your child will sleep on the “second floor”, while the “first floor” can be reserved for other purposes.

For example, you can arrange a recreation area there by putting a sofa or a study area by placing a desk with a table lamp and other necessary accessories or buying a ready-made store configuration – the so-called “bunk bed with desk”.

Sleeping on the “second floor” is a kind of exotic that many people like. Especially children like to sleep on the “second floor”. Thus, choosing a bunk bed for your child, you thereby make his life more diverse, not that boring.

By the way, children can use such a bunk bed as a great place for games, such as hide and seek and the like. Psychologists say that the bunk bed is well suited for two or more children whose age difference does not exceed four years. In this case, the gender of the children does not matter.

What should you close attention to when choosing the right bunk bed for your children?

We have already covered a few crucial bunk beds features – interior design, savings, and functionality – above. Here are a few other important things you should keep in mind when you go to the furniture store to choose a bunk bed for your child.

  1. Be sure to take into consideration your kid’s opinion.

Children greatly differ. Some like sleeping on the “second floor”, whereas others are afraid of heights.

  1. Make sure the bunk bed you are choosing is safe for your children.

The bunk bed should be made of ECO-friendly materials without harmful impurities. All elements of the bed must be reliable and durable. The stairs (ladder) should not stagger or be slippery.

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